05 May 2010

Solidwoks CAD : Intake and Exhaust for Honda Civic EK4 Sedan B16A

Again, I was too bored in the office and I started to draw things I actually plan to get for my car in real life..haha. This time it is the Carbon Fiber Power Chamber Intake Kit for Vtec and also exhaust system for Civic EK4 Sedan.
Mugen Style 4-1 Header

Complete Exhaust System for Civic EK4 Sedan
4-1 Header, 2.3inch Piping, Straight Flow Muffler

Power Chamber Intake Kit for Vtec
Carbon Fiber Power Chamber
K&N 4.5inch Air Filter
Alunimum Heat Shield

These models are not complicated so only cost me less than 2days to complete including CosmosFloXpress Analysis to study the air flow in the intake and exhaust. I'm not showing here as it may take some time for me to rerun the analysis and take the snap shot. By the way, very soon you'll see some pictures of the "real stuff" which I get for my EK4!

For next sharing on CAD drawing, I'll come up with a simple model of formula car. Stay Tune! :)

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