28 April 2010

What did you do in the past 6 months?

 Joined GRA Gymkhana Penang
 Set up my website..finally
 Breakfast at 口福楼 Gurney Plaza Penang, super early!
 Birthday at.....a cafe at Eden JB with nice scene (just can't recall the name..)
 Internship at Robert Bosch Penang
 CNY dinner at Sutera Skudai
 Kampachi Buffet at Equatorial Penang
 影寿司Buffet Pelangi JB
 Hard Rock Penang...pass by only la..
 Asian Buffet at Rasa Sayang Penang..most expensive meal in my life so far..
Friday's Xmas Dinner..damn nice la the Jack Daniel Chicken Appetizer..

......too much to list

24 April 2010

Skunk2 Intake Manifold Clone/Imitation/Fake Alert

Imitation Skunk2 products had reach our country long ago and sell like no tomorrow. Skunk2 Racing had finally respond by making official announcement in their website. There are series of photos and comparison to identify the clone, and it does pin point our local Skunk2 clone. With this comparison I believe you don't even need sharp eyes to find that more than 90% of the Skunk2 out there in Malaysia, are all clone!

Skunk2 has greater clearance on the throttle body opening to allow porting up to 75mm.
Skunk2 has smooth intake runner while fake is V-shape.
Fake has irregular casting mark (2).
Fake has box with folding line.

I had identified most of the "Skunk2" selling online in Malaysia are clone. You can easily found the clone in Mudah, Zerotohundred, Lowyat.net, and even many of the "performance workshop"!! Clone manifold has poorer quality and performance compare to your stock standard manifold, so always insist on GENUINE and ORIGINAL performance parts.

22 April 2010

Pro/ENGINEER Combustion Engine Blower CAD Simulation

During 1st 2 weeks of my job in R&D, the workstation I using has only 1 CAD software - Pro/Engineer. I've used CATIA V5 and Solidworks before, but not Pro/E. As I'm new here and nothing much I was assigned to do, I got the Pro/E Advanced Modeling Module and start to learn it myself.

By default, Pro/E seems to be very not user friendly in term of the user interface. Maybe I've get used to using Solidworks, but you can compare the default appearance of the working desk yourself.


Solidworks 2008

I'm not going to compare the performance of these 2 CAD software, as this is very depend on personal preference, and I'm not a real pro in both as well. But for me, working with Pro/E is really a disaster for me when I've used to Solidworks interface.

So for the Pro/E module, I'm going to draw a 3D blower assembly power by a combustion engine. It consists of 39 components including bolts, which I need to draw it one by one precisely. Same as most 3D CAD software, Pro/E use solid modeling which you actually define the dimension and volume at the same time as you sketch. So every part you draw will be a solid model.

Impeller Housing

Then each of the components will be assembly together to complete the model. This is done by properly define the position and relation between components. The sketch plane and direction when drawing each particular components will greatly affects the assembly work here.

AC-40 Blower Model

Exploded View

I was doing this step by step following the guide in Pro/E module, so it only takes me less than a week to complete it. My main purpose is just to get myself familiar with the Pro/E interface. Now come the most interesting part, get the blower and engine running! In "Mechanical" application of Pro/E, I can apply a motor motion on any components of my assembly. In this case I define the motion on the connection pin of crank shaft to the piston connecting rod with rotational velocity. So the crack shaft pin will rotate along the crank shaft axis itself, and moving all the other components which are connecting to it. This simulation is most useful to check for interference between components to avoid engine failure. I have the video in mpeg but I couldn't access YouTube in my office, so I tried to make a low quality GIF animation to show here. In my next CAD post, I'll show you my 1st time of surface modeling in Solidworks to create a Child Restraint System, sporty version! :)

GIF animations generator gifup.com

21 April 2010

Official : Civic FD2R To Be Discontinued

OMG....I can't believe my eyes when I first saw this,
the legend Civic Type R going to be discontinued as official announcement from Honda Japan.
I bet you can't believe too, so please click the following link for the latest news as it's a bit too long to be copy  here.

from paultan.org:
It’s official: FD2 Civic Type R to be discontinued after August, Japan to get 2010 spec UK-built hatchback

from Business Times:
Honda to stop making 4-door Civic Type R

In short, this CTR FD2R, made in Japan, currently selling in Japan and Malaysia only, will discontinued after August.

and this CTR FN2R, made in UK, currently selling in Europe/Singapore, will EXPORT to Japan to replace FD2R.


Maybe some of you may think FN2R looks more like a sport car. In fact, the performance of FN2R is no way near the FD2R. Here are a few points for ease of comparison in case you didn't know:
1. FD2R has 24hoursepower more than FN2R
2. FD2R original equiped with Brembo 4Pot Front Caliper, but not FN2R
3. FD2R has independent suspension system, FN2R is the only Civic with Torsion Beam, which is much disappointing in term of performance.
4. Most importantly, FD2R is JDM(Japanese Domestic Market) model!

If you still like FN2R more than FD2R, you'll get more disappointment as FN2R is made in UK. If Honda Malaysia is going to import this model, it will definitely cost more than the current FD2R model.

If you are a die-hard fans of JDM CTR, make your booking now at Honda showroom before it is sold out!
Don't have the budget yet? Buy Toto/Magnum/4D or anything u name it and pray hard!

The Naturally-Aspirated Front Engine Front Wheel Drive Legend - Civic Type R

20 April 2010


Mayday DNA World Tour 2010 Live in Malaysia

Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
Date/Time : 5th June 2010 (Saturday) 8pm
Ticket Prices : RM88, RM138, RM168, RM328 (Numbered Seat)
RM268 (Rock Zone Free Standing)
RM428 (VIP)


你买票了吗? 还等什么...RM88卖完啦~!
赶快到 Axcess Ticket 定购吧。

D2 Racing Rear Camber Kit

It was a month ago when I brought my car to do the wheel alignment.
I never know until the foreman take out the rear wheel to add spacer on the camber arm to adjust the camber angle (Most Honda cars camber is not adjustable, but it will has more negative angle if you lower the car), my camber arm bush is totally destroyed, the arm just work like without any bushing!

This is terrible as the arm has loose mounting point, possible causing camber angle differ during the corner, and knocking on the body may permanently spoilt the mounting point as well.

So, instead of doing a "maintenance" on this, I decide to go for a "improvement" - Camber Kit, which allow direct camber adjustment on the camber arm. There are alot aftermarket camber kit available, but simply getting one will only cause more trouble. Imagine the rubber bush of those low quality camber kit destroyed in 3months again, what you gonna do with it?

After some research and getting advice from the expert, D2 Racing Rear Camber Kit is my choice. Although D2 Racing is from Taiwan, but since I've been using their fully adjustable suspension for more than half year without any problem, I believe their camber kit will not fail me as well. Will update again when I get the camber kit and get it install on coming Sunday!

19 April 2010

Reborn and Transform!!

I was surfing around as I got nth to do in the office today,
suddenly I browse thru a blog which the owner claim his blog earn him RM2.5k every month from the advert.
I didn't update my blog here for almost half year,
but when I check back the stats, there are still a lot visitors everyday!
So, I've decided to give my blog a reborn, and totally transform!
Check back here for update very very soon~!

Stay Tune