17 May 2010

Late Update: 2010 Birthday

It was more than a month ago, my birthday. As EXPECTED, there isn't much thing to expect this year. My dearest girlfriend was 800km away from me, and friends back in my hometown seems had disappearing for some while. It's until the last few hours countdown to my birthday only my best friend "accidentally" found out it's my birthday on the next day! So he "roughly" call up some friends and bought a small cake and there goes my birthday celebration.

So we head to a heritage style cafe at JB town, Roost Juice + Bar. Heard the upstairs view is much better but sadly it was full house that day. They have their drinks in "tong" style, but it seems a bit weird for me and nothing special about the drinks too.
So what's next? Roost again! I have no idea but we just head to another Roost located in The Zone, which has a better location and decoration as well. And here we just go through the standard procedure of a birthday celebration...
I got my precious birthday presents only about a week later..well..it's better than nothing! But I did like it very much ...
That's my very normal and simple 2010 birthday... how simple is yours?

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