22 May 2010

B16A 4-2-1 Extractor and 5Zigen Border 304 for Sale!

It's been a year this 4-2-1 header and border 304 with me since the 1st day my car come out from the garage. Really love the low end torque and the superb V-TEC engaged roar of the muffler! And yet didn't give me much trouble from the police, perhaps I'm just lucky~
As it is a 2inch piping setup, it serve me very well in acceleration especially in the drag race of Johor Circuit. But as I hope to focus on full track setup for my car, it will be better for me to up-size to 2.3inch piping which will be much better to match with my future plan. However, this 2inch setup is very much recommended for any standard B16A for street performance combine with some track session.
Both the header and the muffler are made in Japan, and the header come with a JASMA tag which means it fulfilled the Japan authority road legal requirement and built quality. The Border 304 does not have the JASMA tag as it is a race spec muffler, with high power output and sound level which is not legal to use on Japan public road. Both of them are in very good condition, the header has minor repair outer face which will not affect the performance at all.
For those who wish to take the extractor and muffler together, the center piping with 2 center bullet will be given free! This setup is still roaring on my car and will be taken down June or July when my new 5Zigen Pro Racer extractor arrived from US. If interested you are very welcomed to test it on my car! It will be plug and play on Civic EK4/EG9 4doors or any other B16A with minor mod.


Vince said...


Will you be selling your eg9 piping and exhaust muffler? How much?

Vince said...

i just noticed yours is for EK4. Does it fit EG9 or SR4 body?

kangyoon - kaito said...

yes it fill all ek eg 4doors
but only left the muffler itself
please view it here :)